Countering the Miseducation

Posted on August 16, 2009

Excerpt from a presentation given by Baruti Kopano, entitled:

“Countering the Miseducation of Negroes /African Americans: Home Schooling and African-Centered Schools as Solutions?

Presented during the All Academic, Inc. 93rd Annual Convention, Birmingham, Alabama – September 2008

Seventy five years after the publication of Carter G. Woodson’s classic The Miseducation of the Negro, African American children lead the nation in their dismal academic performances at the primary and secondary levels. These poor academic performances contribute to large groups of black students being under prepared when they arrive at the university level or unable to qualify academically for admittance. This presentation draws from first person experiences, field interviews, and classic and contemporary popular and scholarly writings to examine two “alternatives” to traditional compulsory education: home schooling and independently owned and operated African-centered schools.

This presentation draws from the decision of the presenter and his wife to utilize both home schooling and independently owned and operated African-centered schooling in the education of their two sons. In this presentation, these personal experiences are combined with field interviews of African American parents who have used these two “alternative” educational methods as well as interviews with directors and operators of several African-centered educational institutions to suggest alternatives to compulsory education for African American students.